Prostate Cancer

Prostate is a gland that has a function of producing Semen and carrying sperms in it through Urethra (a tube that passes through Prostate) outside of Penis. It is a walnut shaped gland situated behind Urinary bladder.

Prostate Cancer is a disease of prostate gland which is identified with male gender only. It is considered to be a cancer of elderly men, mostly those above the age of 60-65 years. Unfortunately, there is an increasing trend of detecting prostate cancers in India in slightly younger population i.e. between 45-60 years, Cancer of Prostate is a slow growing cancer as compared to many other cancers and if detected in early stages, patient end up getting advice from doctors to wait and watch as there is no need to attend and treat this cancer immediately in early stages.

In India, about 21000 new cases of prostate cancer are found every year, according to Globocan 2018 report. Most of the prostate cancer cases found in India are in the stage 3 or 4 of its development, making is complicated enough to treat easily. Primary treatment in early stages of this cancer is surgical removal of prostate gland (radical prostatectomy) and / or radiation therapy to site of cancer. Surgery these days can be performed using newly invented and extremely useful robotic technique so that doctors can do surgery with minimal blood loss to patient, least incisions and offer quick post surgery recovery to patients.

In advanced stages, a treatment popularly known as Androgen Deprivation (ADT) is advised by Oncologists / Cancer specialists or Urologists. Androgen deprivation treatment for high risk localized, locally advanced (extending beyond prostate gland) or metastatic (spread all over) prostate cancer is of 2 types.

  1. Surgical removal (Surgical Castration) of Testicles (Source of testosterone- male hormone that helps grow cancer in certain conditions)
  2. Suppressing testosterone from the body using medicines (Medical Castration)

Both have their benefits and issues and treating doctor is the best person to choose right treatment among 2 for patient. Surgical removal of testicles is a one time procedure whereas medicines are usually recommended to be taken every 3 or 6 months. Chemotherapy and other advanced treatments are prescribed only in very advanced stages of prostate cancer.

There is a new trend to add newer hormonal therapies like Abiraterone and Enzalutamide along with ADT (hormonal therapies) for improving treatment outcomes in prostate cancer patients.